Recent Implementations

Santa Ana, CA:  EntelliFlow Version 3 has been deployed at the Mexmil Company and is being used by the majority of the company's 600 + employees who are spread throughout Europe, Asia, Mexico and the USA.  The software processes hundreds of forms per day for the world’s leading manufacturer of aerospace thermal and acoustical insulation systems.

Laguna Hills, CA:  ScriptFlow has been successfully implemented at the Coastal Care Clinic in Laguna Hills, CA.  The software enables medical practitioners at this clinic to produce customized electronic medical records input from mobile devices without the need of medical transcriptionists.  The system delivers flexible workflow for the practice.  Patients are entered into the system by the receptionist.  Their records are moved to a receiving nurse and then augmented with data entered via voice by the reviewing physician.  The system allows patient data to be entered without typing by the physician and securely archived.

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Entellica Healthcare Brochure (.pdf format) released November 1, 2007