For medical and legal practices, business and industry, Entellica takes the risk out of office automation.  We offer software that is able to automate all office operations.  We streamline the job of tracking patient and client records.   We link the automation tools in place in existing office settings with hardware and software at our offices via the Internet.  We minimize disruption to existing work environments, extend our clients' office capabilities and transfer the job of maintaining the highest security systems to our IT professionals.  In effect, we become our clients' IT Department minimizing their investment in hardware and software while maximizing the performance and support they receive.  To update tools in place at our client's offices, we supply a full spectrum of top-performance hardware and integrate this with both, our own and industry-leading software (from Entellica partners such as Microsoft, Intel, HP, Nuance and F-Secure).  Because of the breadth and depth of the products we offer, we know system capabilities so we can deliver the best solutions specific to our customers’ business and budgetary requirements.