Entellica Consulting Services supplies expert consultants to further enhance business solutions. Our Custom Software Solutions Team develops custom applications honed to the exact requirements of our clients.


We deliver superior on-site and web-based training to effectively seed systems into company culture.  We provide technical writing services that ensure that automation practices, policies and procedures are able to be referenced by existing and future users. 

We provide 24x7 system monitoring, application and database management, ongoing system enhancements and real-time issue resolution via our “Remote-TLC” (Terminal-Link and Correction) system administration service to ensure optimum performance.

We can even host services so that the servers and software necessary to perform critical functions are located at our offices backed up by our back-up servers and available for hands-on maintenance support instantly by our personnel.

In other words, at Entellica we assume all of the technical concerns of our customers allowing them to concentrate fully on the business concerns of their customers.