The hallmark of Entellica solutions is our networking and workflow management products.  Our eForms Workflow Management System, EntelliFlow™, allows businesses to create programmed workflow paths for the efficient routing of their electronic forms from point to successive point. In effect, in allowing businesses to define the movement of forms on which their business processes are based, EntelliFlow™ enables our clients to automate their business processes, streamlining their business operations. 


Designed specifically for healthcare providers, ScriptFlow™ allows users to create, share and store electronic medical records.  Simple to use and easy to link to other systems,  ScriptFlow enables the efficient transfer of patient records between different practices or business systems delivering dramatic cost- and time-savings to its users. 


Both, ScriptFlow and EntelliFlow may transfer data to individuals located anywhere on the planet through the mobile networks we create.  We extend businesses beyond their physical boundaries by integrating Smart Phones, PocketPCs, Tablet PCs, PDAs, digital dictation devices and a variety of other mobile technologies into traditional back-office systems.  The combination of our own highly flexible workflow systems and our familiarity with software and hardware solutions from technology's top vendors allows us to implement borderless networks for our customers.


Both ScriptFlow and EntelliFlow move data in forms by means of the web.  Consequently, their interfaces are extremely simple for anyone familiar with a browser.  Both possess interfaces that are able to efficiently interact with small-screen mobile devices such as SmartPhones.  Both work with standard HTML web authoring tools or programs that output HTML (such as Microsoft Word) so barriers to creation or updating of desired forms are removed.  Both work with Dragon Naturally Speaking to enable data entry using voice recognition.  This latter capability along with ScriptFlow's ability to instantly route voice-generated EMR to checkers or transcriptionists enables ScriptFlow to do double-duty as an extremely efficient dictation or transcription system.