Entellica simplifies the use of advanced technologies such as voice and handwriting recognition and mobile technologies such as wireless laptops, Tablet PCs, PDAs, SmartPhones and other handheld devices and digital dictation devices.

Handwriting recognition utilizes technology from Microsoft to complete forms using a stylus and tablet. Speech Recognition technology from Entellica, LLC is based upon Dragon Naturally Speaking from Nuance.  Utilizing this voice recognition, Entellica allows forms and documents to be completed using voice recognition to translate the voice to words within the document or form.  All of this is accomplished within standard Microsoft Word text editors or web browsers


Entellica's software solutions such as EntelliFlow and ScriptFlow are specifically designed to take advantage of  the capabilities of mobile devices.  Voice recognition from SmartPhones and digital dictation devices enable users to dictate data and have this immediately converted to text.  As forms in these software solutions are presented in web-accessible XML format, data may be transferred over the Internet, intranets and extranets and accessed by web browsers located anywhere in the world.  Enabling the movement of forms to and from mobile users, Entellica's solutions are particularly useful in extending the automation of business processes to remote field locations.