Time is perhaps the legal profession's most valuable commodity, yet firms remain burdened by slow and labor-intensive manual processes.  Most productivity problems center on the inefficient management of paper-based documents - filing, editing searching and sharing information.  Add all of these together and you have a system that is both ineffiencent and expensive.                                         

Law firms and legal departments can benefit from Entellica's solutions to automate manual document processes.  EntelliFlow delivers significant productivity gains and significant cost savings. Our products reduce transcription costs by instantly turning paper and PDF into editable documents, and by allowing new documents to be created simply by speaking.  Entellica's products also allow legal organizations to leverage scanning, searchable PDF's and document management capabilities to turn paper into digital information - reducing the costs associated with the sorting and filing of paper. Entellica provides tailored solutions for Legal that range from scan to document with electronic filing cabinet to voice recognitions to complex routing of forms throughout the organization.

Should there be a requirement, voice and handwriting recognition is integrated with our business processing technology.  Our solutions can also utilize all of the latest mobile technologies including wireless laptops, Tablet PCs, PDAs, SmartPhones and other handheld devices, and digital dictation devices.