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Technical Description




The simple-to-use interface makes using EntelliFlow a snap to master, even for inexperienced computer users.   EntelliFlow forms and software controls are accessible via standardardized web pages,   so users use the web browsers with which they are already familiar..  EntelliFlow can be accessed anywhere in the world over the Internet or inside the organization using the company’s Intranet.

Forms are stored in a central repository in a logical categorized format.  Any number of categories and sub-categories may be defined and named by the system administrator according to the organization’s needs and procedures.  The Publisher of the form can easily in a few steps define the form name and description, where it will be located, who can modify it, who can see and use the form, the route of the form, who can complete the form to transfer the data to back-end databases and who should be copied when the form is transferred or completed.

Auto-Fill features allow a user to create a profile and auto-fill forms based upon the profile for their user.  All repetitive information related to the user can be automatically filled into the form when it is selected.  This reduces mistakes and time for filling the form.   

ConnectMate™ is an application that allows EntelliFlow to easily connect to outside databases, enabling powerful auto-import and auto-export capabilities.  Auto-import allows EntelliFlow to fill a form with information from other company databases that are ODBC compliant.  Auto-export moves the data collected from the forms directly into company databases without data entry.  These two capabilities dramatically reduce costs and mistakes of data capture and entry.

Forms can be saved locally for future retrieval.  Forms may also be printed or opened from a local folder.  Attachments and notes may be attached to the form at any point in the route.  Users may be copied on forms and notified via email of a form’s status.

EntelliFlow provides workflow and routing that is both powerful and simple to implement.  Access to forms is fully configurable.  Users may be provided individual access or assigned into Roles and Groups that share common sets of privileges.  By assigning an individual a role within a group, the route can be used by any combination of users and departments within the company without modification to ensure that the form is routed to the correct individual every time.  Supervisors can be assigned to every user to further increase the route capabilities.  Power users are authorized to modify the route for the form to suit the situation, providing flexibility for every possible scenario.

Versatile side tabs provide the user with easy navigation throughout the application.  Easy approval and processing of forms through the Inbox allows the user to easily see the forms requiring attention as well as those copied for their information.  Status is tracked throughout the processing of the form and can be instantly viewed with the In Process tab.  Completed forms are viewed with the Archive tab, which provides a history of completed forms.