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EntelliFLOw Advantages

Quick Deployment - EntelliFlow comes with example business forms and can import existing forms, so businesses can be up and running with electronic forms within hours. The software is scalable.  It imposes no limits on the number of records that are able to be handled.  Business processes can be easily automated through the program's simple interface that allows managers to define workflow paths and rules.  Existing forms may be easily added or changed so business processes can change as conditions warrant.

Easy To Use - EntelliFlow is browser-based and so intuitive that even the most inexperienced computer user can use EntelliFlow without training.

Accessibility - 100% web interface allows access from a standard web browser anywhere in the world.

Simplified Workflow Built-in forms routing controls provide you with flexibility from open routing to restricted routing through a simple interface to allow you to initiate sophisticated routing quickly.

Approvals Forms can be designed to have no approvals, a single approval, or multiple approvals.

Back-end integration - Data export capability adds further value to your existing systems

Accuracy - e-filler allows known form data to be completed automatically from a database, automatic calculations and field validation.

Expandability - Once you have deployed EntelliFlow, you can upgrade to the enterprise version to integrate sophisticated workflow capabilities into your business processes and design your own processes including custom form and document routing.