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Purchase Orders, Invoices, Build Sheets, Engineering Change Orders, Expense Reports; all are all examples of forms used in business and industry.  For efficiency and standardization, business processes typically are implemented through the use of forms. 

EntelliFlow is a Web-based eForm management solution that allows organizations to create, deploy and manage the routing, tracking and approval process for electronic forms. This simple software enables business owners and managers to automate the processes that guide their business operations by putting their organizationís forms online.  EntelliFlow works with forms in HTML format allowing these to be automatically routed to or accessed by individuals for review, approval or further data entry, no matter where in the world they are located.

EntelliFlow is fully compatible with Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software and all of the latest mobile technologies including wireless laptops, PDAs, Tablet PCs, SmartPhones, and digital dictation devices.  So, EntelliFlow is an ideal solution for capturing or moving data to individuals working in remote field locations.  EntelliFlow's simple user interface allows its users to readily automate all of their business processes, improve process controls, enhance project management, heighten employee collaboration, increase customer satisfaction,  reduce labor costs, improve coordination of vendors and consultants and enhance inter-office, and intra-office communication.


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- Bill Gresher



Santa Ana, CA