Entellica offers consulting services in three areas:


Custom Software Development and Systems Integration


Our System Implementation Group is adept at extending the capabilities of your existing systems through custom software development. Entellica develops solutions that are built on the Microsoft .Net platform, to leverage the power of the Internet and leading edge technologies developed by a wide variety of vendors. When Entellica consultants assist in your implementation; you receive more than you expect. You receive the services of a team of expert consultants, along with project management professionals who assist you at every stage of your project—from initial planning and project organization to system installation and initial production support.

Technical Writing & Training


We deliver superior on-site and web-based training to effectively seed systems into company culture.  We provide technical writing services that ensure that automation practices, policies and procedures are able to be referenced by existing and future users.  Our Technical Writing and Training team is available for hire for customer projects.


We Site Development


EntelliFlow enables in-house processes to be input and output from and to remote locations via the web.  Our Web Site Development Team is available to create web portals to your customers or remote colleagues that will make them a part of any workflow operation.  Via EntelliFlow, for example, a request from a customer may be instantly and automatically routed to appropriate personnel accompanied by pertinent file information and, following this individual's actions, routed to the next individual workflow.  Our web site designers can create an instant global presence for your business on the Worldwide Web.


For information on all of our Consulting services, please contact:


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Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Phone: (949) 376-8723
Fax: (949) 376-8724
Email: sales@entellica.com