Entellica, LLC. was formed in May 2002 for the express purpose of intelligently extending the capabilities of today's enterprise.  Hence, the name.

Our company provides sales, installation, implementation, and training, customization and ongoing system support for enterprise software and hardware. It is our comprehensive approach to the technological needs of our clients that enables them to rely on a single source responsible for system sales, set up, custom solutions and ongoing system service and support. The breadth of our capabilities enables us to employ a systemic approach to every project that we undertake.  We assume complete responsibility for the systems that we sell from concept to completion.

Our proprietary workflow programs, EntelliFlow  and ScriptFlow, enable our clients to efficiently automate their business processes, moving their business forms along prescribed workflow paths, automatically fetching required ancillary forms and data along the way. We extend the reach of these processes beyond the traditional office by integrating mobile-user portals, voice recognition and eForm management systems into back-office systems. We employ technologies such as Tablet PC, wireless PCs, PDA, SmartPhones and other hand-held devices to maximize operational efficiency, no matter where business operations occur. Our solutions enable organizations to realize greater productivity and profitability through the enhanced collaboration and efficiency made possible by the worldwide web.

Headquartered in Laguna Beach, California, Entellica directly markets its products and services on a global scale.